Digi-Key Corporation today announced the signing of a global distribution agreement with Infinite Power Solutions, Inc. (IPS), a global leader in manufacturing solid-state, rechargeable, micro-energy storage devices for wireless sensors and other embedded applications.

The THINERGY® Micro-Energy Cell (MEC) product line of solid-state, rechargeable thin-film batteries from IPS serves to address an ever-increasing need for a maintenance-free, embeddable energy storage solution that lasts the life of the application. With near zero self-discharge, MECs provide extremely efficient storage of intermittent and low charge currents typical of ambient energy harvesting applications. Paper-thin and flexible, THINERGY MECs provide unrivaled cycle life and power performance, delivering a safe, permanent and clean power source for today’s electronic devices and systems. Additionally, IPS offers evaluation kits to demonstrate the performance advantages of MECs while reducing development expenditure and speeding time to market.

“Energy harvesting is the wave of the future. Manufacturers are continually searching for alternative energy solutions as a means of reducing maintenance costs and increasing the useful life of their products,” said Mark Zack, vice president for global semiconductor products. “Infinite Power Solutions offers leading-edge, permanently installed energy storage solutions that address the changing needs of the energy harvesting market, and we are pleased to offer their quality products to our customers.”

“We are very excited to work with Digi-Key to increase the reach of our global distribution network for our unique and award-winning THINERGY MEC products,” stated Tim Bradow, VP of Marketing for IPS. “Conventional and often toxic organic wet chemistry batteries are being replaced by longer lasting, eco-friendly, solid-state batteries like our THINERGY MECs. As the industry has seen with other technologies, solid-state solutions always win. It’s inevitable and happening now in the battery space.”

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