Digi-Key anticipates hiring 400+ employees in 2010 to maintain pace with business growth

In January, electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation launched an aggressive hiring campaign to maintain pace with the rapid growth of the business following a global economic downturn. Since the beginning of the year, Digi-Key has added 104 new employees and currently employs 2,090 people. The company anticipates those numbers will continue to increase throughout 2010.

“We expect 2010 to be one of the top hiring years in the history of the company,” said Rick Trontvet, Digi-Key’s vice president of human resources. “Our goal is to add enough people this year to keep pace with rapidly rising sales brought on by a number of key Digi-Key initiatives that are gaining traction and by a very strong electronics market.”

Digi-Key has recently started ramping up its advertising in the local community as well as throughout Minnesota and North Dakota to attract potential employees to apply at Digi-Key. The company has launched new television and print ad campaigns and has participated in several regional job fairs. Additionally, Digi-Key has added a relocation/housing incentive for new full-time employees who reside outside of a 60-mile radius of Thief River Falls, Minnesota and relocate to within a commuting distance of Thief River Falls. More information about Digi-Key’s relocation incentive is available at www.digikey.com/careers.

Steve Tsukichi, Digi-Key’s vice president of strategic operations, said the increase in Digi-Key’s sales is due in part to the recovery of the global economy and increased expansion of global markets. Digi-Key now has 31 international websites and plans to add more in the near future.

“We are a global company and international sales are increasing dramatically,” Tsukichi said. “Another driving factor for sales growth is the addition of new suppliers and new product from existing suppliers to increase our product offering, which allows us to appeal to a broader customer base.”

January and February were record sales months for Digi-Key. In response to the demand for electronic components, Digi-Key has amplified its order fulfillment processes. With its leading-edge procedures, Digi-Key has the capability to process an order from entry to shipping in as little as 15 minutes. More than 99 percent of Digi-Key orders received by 8 p.m. CST are shipped the same day.

“The growth Digi-Key has experienced in the past few months is a strong indicator of Digi-Key’s future. We have increased the numbers in our workforce to meet the increasing demand for quality electronic products,” said Mark Larson, Digi-Key’s president and COO. “With increasing sales, we are recruiting talented people to fulfill the various needs of our business. We are confident we will increase the number of career opportunities available at Digi-Key throughout the rest of the year and continue providing the outstanding service our customers deserve and have come to expect.”

Since 2002, Digi-Key has created nearly 900 jobs. The average age of a current Digi-Key employee is 41 years with an average length of employment at Digi-Key of at least seven years. Approximately 58 percent of Digi-Key’s employees reside in Thief River Falls, Minn. while the remaining 42 percent live in surrounding communities.

For more information about Digi-Key’s career options and benefits, visit www.digikey.com/careers.

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