Electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation, recognized by design engineers as having the industry’s broadest selection of electronic components available for immediate shipment, today announced it has stock on Tyco Electronics’ Impact high density backplane connectors.

The following Impact high-density backplane connectors are now available for purchase on Digi-Key’s global websites and are slated to be featured in future print and online catalogs:

* 2007788-2 (Digi-Key #A100860-ND) 3-pair, 10-column Connector Header
* 2007705-1 (Digi-Key #A100861-ND) 3-pair, 10-column Connector Receptacle

Tyco Electronics‘ new Impact backplane connector system is designed for increased speed and density to meet the future system upgrades and next generation requirements of data networking and telecommunications equipment. The Impact backplane system also offers our customers a value-added approach of speed, density, cost and long-term reliability.

The Impact connector design system contains a unique broad-edge coupled design which utilizes low impedance, localized ground return path in an optimized differential pair array. Additionally, differential pairs are tightly coupled and surrounded by ground structures to isolate the pairs, which in turn reduces crosstalk and increases overall bandwidth performance with minimal performance variance.

Backplane header construction on the Impact connector offers air pockets selectively placed in the header floor to isolate signal pairs. The header signal pins are straight with no forms or offsets, which increase the mechanical strength of the pins. The mating interface features a bifurcated beam with two points of contact with the second staggered 1mm behind the first for maximum reliability.

The Impact connector offers two different hole sizes and tail lengths with the smaller one providing optimal electrical performance. The larger hole size is ideal for backplane applications that have a slightly larger plate through hole and pin length for manufacturing ability of the printed circuit board.

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