Electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation, recognized by design engineers as having the industry’s broadest selection of electronic components available for immediate shipment, today announced it has stock on Amphenol Connex’s High Performance BNC for Video Connectors. These connectors are ideal for use in high performance video applications.

The following High Performance BNC for Video connectors are now available for purchase on Digi-Key’s global websites and will be featured in future print and online catalogs:

* 112740-13 (Digi-Key #ACX1661-ND) Connector BNC End Receptacle Jack, 0.062″ PCB thickness
* 112740-16 (Digi-Key #ACX1662-ND) Connector BNC End Receptacle Jack, 0.084″ PCB thickness

Features of these BNC bulkhead jacks include 75 Ohms (Ω) impedance, an industry-standard design, precision-machined from brass, space-saving end-launch termination, and a durable PTFE insulator to support high temperatures. The end-launch termination saves space in high-density applications in which panel space is critical. The industry-standard design features a gold-plated body.

These high performance BNC for video connectors can be used in video routers and switching equipment; video control panels; video display and monitoring applications; and video add-on cards.

Digi-Key Corporation focuses on providing customers with superior service, which includes product selection and availability, on-time delivery, and responsiveness. Using leading-edge processes and state-of-the-art technologies, Digi-Key serves a global customer base from its 600,000 square foot facility in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, USA.

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