Digi-Key Corporation today announced availability of the Molex Incorporated solderless LED array holders.

Molex has simplified the LED mounting process by offering array holders which eliminate the need for hand or SMT soldering. These LED array holders install quickly into fixtures, enabling replacements in the field and allowing for easy upgrades to current applications.

Features of these high-temperature LED array holders include screw-mount attachment method for securing the array to a heat sink, optional snap-lock optics that provide light source adjustment, and compression contacts that will power the array and eliminate soldering during installation. Serviceability is greatly improved by the releasable wire trap. The array’s small form factor, less than 50.00 mm (1.96”) in diameter for ES arrays and 70.00 by 71.00 mm (2.75 by 2.80”) for RS arrays, makes these array holders ideal for use in lamps and small-fixture applications.

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