Digi-Key is to offer semiconductor bare die products from Minco Technology Labs to its global customer base. As part of the agreement, Digi-Key customers will be able to purchase off-the-shelf die products in minimum waffle pack quantities of 25 pieces online.

“We welcome this opportunity to serve a broader customer base by partnering with a global distributor like Digi-Key who has become known as the ‘go to’ online resource for semiconductors,” says Bill Bradford, Minco CEO. “Their expertise in offering full-range services for the design engineer along with their ability to support prototype and production order quantities is a huge value-add for the die market.”

Minco is a high reliability semiconductor company with a track record of 30 years in processing and distributing die products from semiconductor manufacturers, serving both hybrid and specialty packaging customers. The orders will be processed – from wafer saw to inspection to pick-and-pack – and delivered within 48 hours, directly from Minco’s facility in Austin, Texas.

“Digi-Key receives inquiry for bare die products all the time, but not having the specialized storage and processing capabilities has prevented us from serving this market segment until now,” says David Stein, Vice President, Global Semiconductors at Digi-Key. “With Minco, we will be able to bridge traditional orders with a growing number of custom requirements from die customers. In the coming months, we anticipate that several semiconductor manufacturers will take advantage of this new and valuable service from Digi-Key and Minco.”

Minco partners with numerous semiconductor manufacturers to provide the design community with a wide variety of product functions and technologies as either bare die or hermetically packaged products. It offers a variety of die processing services including wafer inspection and probe, pick-and-place services, and die qualifications and screening. Die maps are available upon request.


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