Electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation, recognized by design engineers as having the industry’s broadest selection of electronic components available for immediate shipment, today announced it is now stocking the industry’s first digital isolator with an integrated transformer driver and PWM (pulse-width modulation) controller in a single package from Analog Devices, Inc., a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal process applications.

The ADuM347x four-channel digital isolators include the ADuM3470, ADuM3471, ADuM3472, ADuM3473, and ADuM3474 products. Digi-Key is also stocking the EVAL-ADuM3471EBZ evaluation board. These products are now available for purchase on Digi-Key’s global websites and will be featured in future print and online catalogs.

The integration of the digital isolator, transformer driver, and PWM controller into a small 20-lead SSOP enables the new four-channel digital isolator to reduce board space by up to 30 percent and achieve cost reductions of 10 percent while simplifying the development of systems requiring isolated data and power. The product enables designers to implement an isolated DC-to-DC converter that provides up to 2 watts of regulated, isolated power at 3.3V to 30V from a 5.0V input supply or 3.3V supply. These products are ideal for applications that require isolated data and power, including data acquisition, industrial process control using Fieldbus, and building control.

These new devices expand ADI’s iCoupler digital isolation portfolio, which provides the industry’s most extensive range of isolation technology. Along with the other products in the portfolio, the ADuM347x isolators enable designers to implement isolation in their designs without the cost, size, power, performance, and reliability constraints found with traditional isolation products such as optocouplers.

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