The Advantech single board computer range has joined the Digi-Key Electronics line up in its global distribution catalogue.

“Adding Advantech brings off the shelf single board computers that are ideal for industrial and transportation application to our product portfolio,” said David Stein, Vice President of Global Semiconductors. “Even if our customers don’t have the time or ability to build themselves, Advantech networking devices are perfect for today’s smart building and business that require connectivity throughout the facility.”

Advantech develops and manufactures industrial computing and automation solutions. The company offers industrial input/output devices, software solutions, computing platforms, single board computers and peripherals.
In addition, the company offers Ethernet switches and various LCD fanless industrial panel PCs. Its products are used in environment and facility monitoring, network communications, enterprise networking, computer telephony, POS/POI, ASP/ISP, e-factory/automation, e-medical and home automation applications.


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