Rugged, quick-latch connectors are ideal for rail applications AE 395 Deutsch Quick Connect for rail industry available from Aerco LOW RES

The Deutsch Quick Connect (QC) range of circular connectors available from Aerco, is a cost-effective, rugged, quick-latch interconnect solution designed for use in demanding environments and this, combined with the quick connect facility, makes them ideal for trackside maintenance and other applications in the rail industry.

The QC range is made from Ultem, a high temperature, corrosion resistant, composite material and uses an ingenious quick-latch mechanism that provides an audible mating click and allows smooth, disengagement by simply depressing the coupling mechanism on the receptacle. This feature also ensures that the connectors cannot be unmated by pulling or accidentally stressing the cable.

Available in two, seven, and 12-way configurations with the two-way version capable of handling 13A per contact, the QC range is designed to provide users with the flexibility of choosing between a simple wire seal, compression gland or over-moulding to provide environmental sealing up to IP68. Designed to meet the BS EN60320-2-2 specification, the recently launched 3-way version enables the Quick Connect to be used in those applications where 13A, 240V mains connection is required.

The connectors have a temperature rating of 150ºC, a high resistance to shock and vibration, are resistant to many chemicals found in harsh environments and can be washed, sterilised and autoclaved without any detriment to performance.

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