High current circular, rugged RJ45 and Quadrax connectors in D38999 format from Aerco

AE 372 Deutsch DTS family of connectors from Aerco LOW RESDeutsch DTS is a new range of D38999 connectors, available in the UK from Aerco, that provides high current circular, rugged and shielded RJ45 and Quadrax connectors, all in the D38999 format.

D38999 connectors are widely used in all types of military and aerospace applications and the Deutsch DTS-HC high current circular connectors incorporate high electrical power and signal contacts within the same body and are ideal for power control systems in military vehicles using 8mm², 16mm² or 25mm² diameter cables. The power contacts are rated to 150 amps and are therefore suitable for power ring main supplies.

The RJ45 jack and receptacle have long been adopted for local area networks in stable environments and now, with commercial, off the shelf communication equipment being used extensively in harsh environments, there is a growing requirement for a more robust RJ45 connector. The Deutsch DTS-RJ45 connector addresses this need and has additional provision for grounding and sealing. The pre-wired and assembled plug connectors eliminate termination errors and provide high and consistent levels of reliability and performance.

Deutsch has introduced the DTS Series 3 Quadrax connector to meet the needs of complex cable systems used in modern, high data-rate, densely packed electronic systems as used in modern tanks or aircraft. The DTS Quadrax can accommodate eight quad contacts within a D38999 connector assembly and has contacts designed for 110 ohm quad cables for high speed applications.

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