Crocus Technology is looking to increase adoption of its magnetically enhanced semiconductor technologies by appointing Ismosys as its pan-European (excluding UK and Ireland) sales & marketing representative. Mobile security, embedded microcontrollers, magnetic sensors and harsh-environment electronics are the target applications.
The seven strategically located Ismosys offices will focus on introducing Crocus’ emerging solutions to European Tier 1 OEMs and will work closely with Crocus’ authorised distribution channels.
Wayne Goodwin, Vice President, Worldwide Sales expressed his confidence in Ismosys’ ability to develop the key European territories for Crocus Technology: “Together, Crocus and Ismosys are able to deliver a uniquely competitive edge, spanning products, technology, customer service, sales, applications and marketing services,” he said.
Upbeat Ismosys Managing Director Nigel Watts, reckons that Crocus’ Magnetic Logic Unit (MLU) technology is poised for exponential growth in Europe: “MLU is a disruptive CMOS-based rugged magnetic technology that delivers important advantages in terms of speed, security, performance and cost to the company’s broadening portfolio of embedded products and non-volatile memory blocks,” he commented.
A family of Crocus Technology magnetic sensors that deliver high sensitivity, low-noise, low-cost, and high temperature performance (250°C) for consumer and industrial applications, together with a family of standalone, tamper-resistant MLU-based memory products are due to hit the market shortly.
“These fast read and write small footprint MLU products enhance the performance and security of chips for smart cards, mobile phones and data servers,” concluded Watts.


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