GaN RFCree, Inc. and Acal BFI have signed a franchise agreement, to increase the sale of Cree RF components in Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Hungary and Luxemburg.

“GaN is increasingly recognised as a key technology in bringing about improved efficiency and reducing overall systems costs, Cree and Acal BFi have joined forces to accelerate bringing this advantage to a wider market” said Tom Dekker, World Sales and Marketing Director for RF Technology at Cree. “Acal BFi has an excellent reputation with a strong technical team able to support this specialized technology. This agreement further strengthens a sales network that has built a reputation for excellence in customer support. We look forward to accelerating adoption of Cree GaN HEMT as the RF technology of choice throughout Europe.”

“A partnership with the leading innovator in the key area of GaN RF allows Acal BFi to increase its offer of advanced solutions at the very forefront of technology. Acal BFi’s experienced engineering team, across Europe, provides our customers the design support and product knowledge needed to take advantage of this innovative technology.“ said Lee Austin , Business Development Director Acal BFI communications division.

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