The most recent survey of its members by the Electronic Component Industry Association (ECIA) in the US reflects renewed concerns for the impact on the electronics markets and supply chains.

The number of respondents seeing a severe impact on the electronics components supply chain jumped from 2% to 8% between the previous and most recent survey.

However, the number seeing an impact ranging between moderate to severe remained constant at approximately 80% of respondents.

The latest results showed a surprising increase in the number expecting no change to end-market demand due to the pandemic.

No expected change was the most common response for those able to report in four out of seven market segments.

Automotive and Industrial Electronics continue to generate high levels of concern about lost market demand.

As anticipated, Medical Electronics demand is expected to see a strong increase.

While there was a notable growth in the number expecting severe disruption in the supply chain, the latest survey also saw a major shift from serious to only moderate concern regarding supply chain disruption.

This new survey added a question about the impact of government quarantine orders and directives on acompany’s workforce and operations.

Moderate disruption was reported by 53% of participants and 17% indicated a serious disruption.

Respondents reported seeing a moderate disruption to the electronics components supply chain in all three segments of Electromechanical, Passive and Semiconductor components.

The Passive component segment saw a notable increase in those seeing a serious disruption and also recorded its highest level of those expecting a moderate disruption.

Most respondents reporting visibility expect the impact of the crisis on the supply chain to extend out to June and July or beyond in all major segments.

In addition, expected lead teams are now expected to grow to three weeks and beyond in most cases.

The largest number of survey participants still report that they do not know what to expect in terms of impact, duration or lead times. Semiconductor participants still have the greatest challenge in their ability to assess the impact level of the Coronavirus.


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