Conrad Business Supplies has moved to support its NXP microcontroller line by signing as an authorised distributor for Embedded Artists, a leading provider of products and services around prototyping, evaluation and OEM platforms that use NXP’s ARM-based microcontrollers. With immediate effect, Conrad will be able to supply its customers with a wide range of Embedded Artists’ prototyping boards and development kits from stock.
Embedded Artists products and tools use the latest ARM cores such as Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4. Usres will be able to evaluate current NXP processors, embed high-performance boards into their end products, develop embedded systems skills and know-how, and simplify and speed the development of new products.
The agreement with Embedded Artists strengthens Conrad’s Business Supplies’ product offering and value proposition in the area of development boards.
“Embedded Artists recognises Conrad as a very important partner for reaching a wide customer base across Europe and developing new contacts from students to professional engineers” said Anders Rosvall, Technical Director from Embedded Artists.
“Development platforms and prototyping boards have become an invaluable resource for design engineers and Embedded Artists is recognised as major player in such tools that support the development of innovative solutions for NXP processor-based designs,” said Shawn Silberhorn, Supplier Business Development Manager, Category Business Supplies, Conrad. “Conrad is placing significant emphasis on growing its portfolio and expertise in the area of development tools and so this agreement with Embedded Artists is hugely significant to us.”


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