The MAKERFACTORY EBB-ESP32 evaluation board is available at Conrad Business Supplies. Designed to help speed the development of designs based around the Espressif ESP32 wireless microcontroller module, the evaluation board hosts a comprehensive set of peripheral functions that can be switched in or out of a prototype setup.

Measuring 185mm x 210mm x 25mm, the EBB-ESP32 provides a convenient and breadboard-free method of pulling together an initial design without the need for a tangle of hook-up wires and the associated challenges of poor and unreliable connections.

Aimed at both makers and professional embedded engineers, the EBB-ESP32 offers a fully integrated and functional platform on which to base initial designs.

In addition to hosting an Espressif ESP-WROOM-32 32-bit wireless microcontroller module, the board contains an Arduino compatible USB programming interface and a power supply function that provides all required board voltages from a DC supply in the range 8VDC to 15VDC.

Board-mounted peripheral devices include a one-wire Maxim Integrated DS18B20 temperature sensor, an Invensense MPU-9250 9-axis combined MEMS gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer, a Maxim Integrated MAX98357A Class D audio amplifier and an Invensense ICS-43432 digital microphone.

Each peripheral has its own area on the board and can be switched on/off the I2C bus and its power turned on/off through a set of dedicated DIP switches.

An even more comprehensive range of third-party modules can be accommodated on the board through the provision of eight 4-pin Grove sockets and a single mikroElektronika mikroBUS connector. A microSD card socket is also included on the board.

Two potentiometers and a ‘diamond’ configuration of push button switches provide a means of providing inputs and controlling an application.

Four RGB LEDS provide simple visual output methods, and the board is also equipped with pin-outs for two optional display modules; a small 0.95in (128×64 resolution) OLED display and a 2.8in. TFT LCD (240×320 resolution).

Board area and pin-out is provided for three other optional modules; an RFID tag reader, a stepper motor control and a camera interface.


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