# Growth includes major orders from the defence sector as well as industrial, submarine and satellite sectors
# Increase in distribution sales and manufacturing of precision, legacy and custom passives
# Shows continued support for specialist distribution model

Charcroft Electronics – a specialist distributor of passive, emech and interconnect products and manufacturer of precision, legacy and custom passives – announces a 24% year-on-year growth in sales for the fiscal year to February 2011 and similar year-on-year growth for the first quarter of fiscal 2011.

The growth in sales has been driven by a significant number of large orders from major OEMs in the aerospace, defence, satellite and submarine sectors as well as by a 15% growth in Charcroft’s core customer base of OEMs and CEMs in the industrial, instrumentation, power supply and medical sectors.

In addition to an increase in distribution sales, Charcroft has seen strong growth from its UK-based manufacturing division which produces legacy and precision passives, under license to the original manufacturers, as well as well as designing and manufacturing custom passive assemblies.

Sales director, Edmund Coady, explains, “For low-volume defence applications there is often no price advantage to using a broad-liner compared to a specialist. However, there is an advantage to using a specialist if release parts are not supplied with the correct paperwork or the correct part number is not used for a RoHS-exempt device. The components used in high-end, high-reliability sectors demand a greater depth of knowledge and service, including systems and inventory which support RoHS-exempt, lead-bearing components and Mil-spec or BS/CECC parts. It is also essential for the distributor to be approved by BS/CECC for parts to retain their release status.”


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