Avnet Embedded in EMEA today announced a special offer on Bluegiga’s Bluetooth SMART (also known as Bluetooth 4.0) BLE 112 development kit. Costing just $300, the kit contains everything designers need to get started quickly; for an additional $100 Avnet Embedded will also add three more BLE112 modules and one extra dongle. Bluetooth SMART products are ideal where low power operation, negligible latency and security are paramount, like heart rate, blood and glucose monitoring sensors, as well as industrial and home automation applications.

The new generation of Bluetooth dramatically reduces power consumption while ensuring excellent performance and security. Typically Bluetooth SMART products transmit data payloads up to 15 times faster than conventional Bluetooth technology and overall power consumption is reduced by over 90%. The new Bluegiga Bluetooth BLE 112 development kit contains: BLE112 evaluation board; BLED112 Bluetooth 4.0 SMART USB dongle; two BLE112 Bluetooth 4.0 SMART modules; firmware programming cable; cables and documentation; and access to Bluegiga’s Bluetooth 4.0 software development kit.
Also included is Bluegiga’s Bluetooth 4.0 software development environment with its BGScrip™ scripting language and Profile Toolkit™. BGScript™ enables designers to embed applications directly in the BLE112 module and the Profile Toolkit™ speeds development time with a simple XML based description language.
The Bluegiga BLE112 Bluetooth 4.0 SMART module offers the radio, stack, profiles and space for end user applications, so it can be used without an additional microcontroller. BLE112 also provides hardware interfaces so designers can easily connect sensors, button interfaces and displays. It runs on a standard 3V coin cell battery or pair of AAA batteries. In its lowest power sleep mode it consumes only 400nA and wakes up in a few hundred micro-seconds.

The BLED112 Bluetooth dongle integrates all Bluetooth SMART features. The USB dongle can simulate a standard USB device, virtual COM port or USB HID device. The HID can be used for keyboards and mice because no driver is needed. The COM port emulation enables simple host application development using a simple API.

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