Display specialist Ginsbury has completed a new distribution agreement with LCD manufacturer Blaze Display Technology. Blaze specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of segment, character and graphic LCD display modules. Ginsbury will promote and distribute the full range of Blaze display products in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Ken Berry, product manager, Ginsbury said, “With over 30 years’ manufacturing experience, Blaze is an established supplier of high quality monochrome displays. Blaze offers a highly cost-effective range of monochrome segment, character and graphic LCD modules that significantly strengthens Ginsbury’s portfolio of display products. Blaze is also able to support full or semi-custom display solutions to meet customer defined specifications.”
Established in 1982, Blaze Display Technology has extensive R&D and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China producing a wide range of positive and negative mode monochrome displays with various backlight colours. A wide variety of segment, character and graphic display modules and LCD glass are supported. To meet specific customer needs, Blaze can offer additional integrated features such as contrast adjustment, temperature compensation and touchscreen control circuits.
Applications include medical, metering, transportation and telecommunications. The displays are ideally suited for use in handheld, portable and battery powered equipment including metering, industrial controllers, monitoring and point-of-sale devices.


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