Mouser Electronics has stock and can offer same day shipping on the sought after BeagleBone Black, a lower-cost, high-expansion focused BeagleBone featuring a Sitara AM335x Cortex A8 ARM processor from Texas Instruments.

This new addition to the BeagleBoard family has features from the original BeagleBone, augmented by a faster processor, onboard HDMI and double the memory. The BeagleBone Black’s enhanced feature set enables developers to turn ideas into prototypes more easily than ever. Operating stand-alone or in conjunction with another computer, it provides developers, hobbyists and enthusiasts with access to industry standard interfaces and a well-developed ecosystem of software and tools. Many of the original BeagleBone’s Cape plug-in boards, also stocked at Mouser, are compatible with the BeagleBone Black, enabing easy integration with previous projects.


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