The impetus to reduce supply chain costs has been given fresh momentum by Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA. Its business support group Avnet Supply Chain Solutions has launched the Rapid Benefit Estimation Tool (RaBET) for European customers. It is a free, supply chain diagnostic tool that enables customers to model the potential benefits and savings they will experience by adding Avnet as their supply chain partner.

“For electronic equipment manufacturers, maintaining a competitive edge means continually reducing operating expenses and inventory costs without jeopardising customer satisfaction,” said Brian Wilken, vice president Avnet supply chain solutions. “With RaBET, users can easily identify impacting factors within their supply chain and how Avnet can help optimise the supply chain.”

With the input of a few data points, RaBET can calculate customer cost benefits and savings by integrating Avnet into their supply chain. One mouse click enables users to compare their current supply chain expense allocation based on factors including: working capital, purchasing, warehousing, receiving, production, finance, operations and transportation. Once completed it will come as no surprise that the RaBET tool then shows how Avnet’s supply chain expertise can reduce costs in each area. Users can modify each category based on their own internal costing models and drill down on specific activities throughout their material supply process.


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