Avnet Memec has put in place an agreement with Rochester Electronics to enable it to support customers with very long life projects. Rochester specialises in “Extension-of-Life” solutions for the support of mature and end-of-life semiconductors.

Rochester Electronics’ components offered by Avnet Memec will enable them to provide their customers with a complete support package from design right through to the end of the project life cycle. The new service targets users developing products for the industrial, aerospace and defence markets.

“Avnet Memec has always supported its customers from a wide number of industries with state of the art semiconductor product solutions,” said Paul Leys, Technical Marketing Manager. “Rochester Electronics is a great addition to our linecard enabling us to support our customers not only with leading edge semiconductor solutions but also mature components for their entire product life cycle.”

“Avnet Memec’s customer and market focus is a great fit for Rochester. For all industries which require long-term production and maintenance support, Rochester offers an unrivalled range of semiconductors: both ready-to-ship finished part inventory; and build-to-order solutions,” said Ken Greenwood, Field Sales Manager EMEA for Rochester Electronics. “Avnet Memec’s customers can now benefit from all of Rochester’s fully authorised Extension-of-Life solutions”.


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