Actel Awards European Distributor of the Year to Avnet Memec

t0302am_Actel DoY Award to Avent Memec_1Avnet Memec, the highly specialised semiconductor distributor of Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, has been honoured by Actel as “European Distributor of the Year“. The award was presented to Georg Hanak, Actel Business Development Manager at Avnet Memec, for outstanding performance at the annual Actel Sales Conference in San Francisco. Hanak has been Avnet Memec’s Business Development Manager for Actel since 2008 and was able to generate 60% revenue growth within the line compared to 2009. Avnet Memec has the sales franchise for Actel products in Germany, France and the UK.

“Avnet Memec continues to deliver consistent value to our customers and trading partners,” says Steve Haynes, President Avnet Memec. “This award shows that Actel recognises our commitment and expertise in this market. We are looking forward to continuing and expanding this successful cooperation.”

“Through its outstanding performance, know-how and engagement Avnet Memec contributed to our business success. We are very pleased to present the European Distributor of the Year award to Avnet Memec and to honour Georg Hanak and his team for their performance in 2009,” adds Jay Legenhausen Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales Actel.

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