Avnet Abacus Announces its Participation in Tyco Electronics’ Vertical
Lighting Program

Avnet_LEDElectronic component distribution specialist Avnet Abacus today announces its participation in Tyco Electronics’ Vertical Lighting Program. Avnet Abacus holds a long term and wide-ranging distribution relationship with Tyco Electronics across Europe, which covers a significant majority of the company’s major component brands and now includes its new range of lighting products.

The Tyco Electronics Vertical Lighting Program brings together the company’s extensive portfolio of complementary components for LED lighting installations, including connectors, sockets, power components and circuit protection devices. It offers bespoke products designed and developed specifically for lighting applications as well as a wide range of standard designs that are well suited for such applications. Avnet Abacus has established an experienced team of lighting product specialists to market and support this product range throughout Europe. Highlights of the Tyco Electronics lighting products offered by Avnet Abacus include the Tyco Electronics LED poke-in connector range and hermaphroditic board-to-board connector range designed and developed specifically for lighting applications. Avnet Abacus will also offer wire-to-board and circular connectors, power distribution products, LED sockets, circuit protection devices and bespoke solutions.

According to Steve Jones, European Director, Lighting for Tyco Electronics, “We have responded to growing market interest in energy efficient solid state lighting by bringing together the very extensive portfolio that Tyco Electronics offers the lighting designer. To take this portfolio to the customers, we selected distributors that combine entrepreneurial flair with strong technical expertise. Avnet Abacus has these credentials, and has already demonstrated considerable success with many Tyco Electronics products. We are delighted to extend our relationship with them to include this new and very significant program.”

Alan Jermyn, Vice President Marketing, Avnet Abacus, added, “There is much more to lighting installations than the LED, and Tyco Electronics offers an attractive and well engineered portfolio of the associated products and technologies that lighting designers require to create effective and reliable systems. We are excited that they have brought these crucial components together, and are delighted to have the opportunity to work with lighting designers throughout Europe to create innovative and efficient lighting installations based on the Tyco Electronics portfolio.”

Avnet Abacus will be targeting designers of interior and exterior installations in commercial and industrial environments, as well as for signage, street lighting, automotive, medical and appliance applications.

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