Avnet Abacus is addressing the burgeoning transportation market with a dedicated application microsite.

It will provide fast, online access to an extensive selection of parts which have been developed and manufactured by various global vendors to conform to the specific safety, reliability and environmental performance requirements of the transportation market.

Users of the site will gain direct and immediate access to information and technical data on the relevant products featured in the Avnet Abacus portfolio, encompassing: power and EMC components; connectors; relays; sensors; switches; and passive components including circuit protection and audible devices.

Applications include commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses; recreational and off-road vehicles such as motorcycles, snowmobiles or small motor homes; aviation assemblies; marine and railway; and construction and agricultural vehicles.

Alan Jermyn, Vice President of Marketing, Avnet Abacus, commented, “Our transportation microsite is just one of a series of application sites we are developing to help our customers source and select parts more quickly online. It offers them a fast, single point of access to the products of many leading manufacturers, with the additional advantage of reliable, independent advice and support from our technical product specialists throughout Europe.”


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