Thermal management is the subject of a dedicated microsite launched by Avnet Abacus.
It provides an online hub for engineers to source, select, and purchase a wide variety of thermal management products from leading manufacturers, which have been developed to dissipate heat in electronic system assemblies in a wide variety of end user applications, such as factory automation machinery, servers, military and aerospace equipment, medical devices, power supplies, audio amplifiers, frequency inverters and telecommunications systems.

Avnet Abacus’s thermal management product offering features: fans and blowers (axial, radial); heat sinks (extrusions, board mounted, bonded fins, folded fins, liquid cold plates, max clip); and thermal conductive materials (tapes, pads). To assist with product selection, the microsite contains technical data and outlines the key design considerations for choosing a suitable thermal management solution for their particular application.

“Electronics engineers are faced with increased data speeds and power output within compact packaging coupled with extremely tight deadlines to complete the design cycle,” said Giovanna Monari, Electromechanical Product Manager, Avnet Abacus. “By bringing more detailed product and application information on to our website we are responding to the needs of engineers who have to quickly identify appropriate parts and solutions for their designs. They also have the reassurance of our highly proficient technical teams located throughout Europe to provide advice and support whenever they need it.”


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