Avnet Abacus announces three new series of power supplies from Emerson Network Power

image_1Avnet Abacus, Avnet Electronic Marketing’s new business unit specializing in the distribution of interconnect, passive, emech, power supply and battery products, have recently added three new series of open frame AC/DC power supplies manufactured by Emerson Network Power.

The three new series, NPS40-M, LPS100-M and LPS200-M, are primarily intended for use in data processing systems and medical equipment. They feature ITE, non-patient contact and non-patient critical medical safety approvals. These products deliver 45 to 125 watts with convection cooling (60 to 250 watts with forced air cooling) and accept input voltages ranging from 90 to 264 Vac. All series include models with 5, 12, 15, 24 and 48 Vdc output voltages. Power supplies from series NPS40-M, LPS100-M and LPS200-M are characterised by their compact size, high efficiency, high reliability and, for the full featured models, by a range of advanced functions such as active power factor correction, power fail signal and dedicated output for supplying power to the fan. Avnet Abacus can guarantee the ready availability of these products as well as the necessary technical support for the customer.

Power supplies in the NPS40-M series from Emerson Network Power deliver a maximum power of 40 or 60 watts (depending on cooling options); their footprint is 2×4 inches and their height is less than 1U. These products ensure a typical efficiency of 87%, compliant to Energy Star 2.0, and feature a number of functions such as remote sense, overload and short-circuit protection, adjustable output voltage and built-in EMI filter. In no-load condition they consume less than 300 milliwatt.

Products in the LPS100-M series provide a maximum power of 100 or 150 watts (depending on cooling options) with a typical full load efficiency of 88%; they measure 2×4 inches and their height is less than 1U. Models in the LPS200-M series, lastly, offer a maximum power of 125 or 250 watts (again depending on cooling options) with a typical full load efficiency of 86%; they measure 3×5 inches and their height is also less than 1U. These two series share several advanced functions such as remote sense, adjustable output voltage (+/-10%), active power factor correction for compliance to EN61000-3-2, isolated output for supplying power to the fan, overvoltage protection, thermal overload protection, power fail signal, built-in EMI filter.

“Power supplies of the series NPS40-M, LPS100-M and LPS200-M from Emerson Network Power represent an important addition to our product offering, as they are characterised by a great price/performance ratio and are provided by a manufacturer of proven reliability. Avnet Abacus is the ideal partner for sourcing power supplies, thanks to an offering which includes products from seven specialised companies (Emerson, Enpirion, Ericsson, Excelsys, Lineage, Murata Power Solutions, Power-One), to the ready availability of the products and to the technical support provided by its specialised personnel”, said Cor van Dam, Technical Marketing Director of Avnet Abacus.

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