Avnet Abacus will be demonstrating various forms of energy harvesting at its booth (Hall 1, Stand 249) at Embedded World, Nuremburg, using Cymbet EnerChip™ energy harvesting evaluation kits connected to microcontroller and wireless reference designs from Texas Instruments, Atmel, and Silicon Labs. The company will also be showing an “Uninterruptible Power Supply in a Chip” real time clock power holdover solution using Cymbet’s solid state batteries.

Energy harvesting demonstrations will include various different technologies: flexible photovoltaic cells; thermal gradient harvesting using a thermoelectric harvester; vibration harvesting using a piezoelectric transducer; and RF induction charging. Cymbet evaluation kits and reference designs for all these harvesters are available from Avnet Abacus. The real time clock (RTC) power holdover application is based on a Cymbet CBC-EVAL-06 evaluation kit which combines an EnerChip CBC3112 “UPS in a Chip “with the Microcrystal RTC RV-2123-C2 which is the world’s smallest integrated RTC module.

Cymbet Energy Harvesting kits are now interoperable with the Silicon Labs RF-to-USB2 RD wireless demonstration kit, available from Avnet Abacus’ sister company, Avnet Memec enabling designers to experiment with all the ambient energy harvesting techniques to power the low power SiLabs Si1014 wireless MCU nodes.

Visitors to the Cymbet booth will be able to see a demonstration of the use of the Texas Instruments CC2540 Bluetooth low energy (BLE) evaluation kit powered by the Cymbet EnerCard™ solar energy harvesting module. The TI BLE kit, available from fellow Avnet companies, Silica and EBV, is connected to the EnerCard that supplies power from small solar cells or the EnerChip smart solid state batteries when there is no light.

The core of the EnerCard is the Cymbet EnerChip EP CBC915 energy processor which utilizes maximum peak power tracking for the highest efficiency solar energy conversion. The EnerChip EP, available from Avnet Abacus, also manages the EnerChip batteries and provides energy aware functions to the TI BLE key fob device. Energy aware functions are very important for optimal system performance under varying light and power conditions. Alan Jermyn, VP European Marketing at Avnet Abacus comments: “These demos show the expertise we have with Avnet Abacus, bringing together complementary products and technologies to deliver innovative solutions for new applications.”

EnerChip smart solid state batteries last the life of the product, have the smallest footprint of any energy storage solution, and can be placed anywhere on a board using surface mount assembly and reflow solder. EnerChips enable designers to remove cumbersome battery holders and battery access doors from their products. All the Cymbet evaluation kits are in stock at Avnet Abacus which makes it easy to experiment with these new energy harvesting and energy storage capabilities.

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