Atmel microcontrollers from Nu Horizons eliminate excess power consumption in cost-constrained applications

Available from Nu Horizons Electronics, the two latest additions to Atmel’s tinyAVR family of microcontrollers are the ATtiny48 and ATtiny88. The new 32-pin devices are pin compatible with Atmel’s ATmega48 and -88 parts and offer feature optimised alternatives for cost-constrained applications.

The new microcontrollers use most of the features of Atmel’s picoPower technology to eliminate excess power consumption. They include brown-out detection circuitry that can be turned off during sleep modes, a power reduction register that powers down individual peripherals, and digital input disable registers that remove leakage current on ADC input pins.

ATtiny48 and -88 are suitable for a wide range of applications in consumer, communications and industrial electronics where the application code is moderate, but many I/O pins are needed. Low power capability also makes the new devices suitable for battery-powered or power constrained systems. Target applications include: white goods, remote access systems, HVAC, mobile phones, battery chargers, industrial control, health care, wireless equipment and peripherals.

The ATtiny48 features 4kBytes of in-system self-programmable Flash, and the ATtiny88, 8kBytes. Both parts include a 64 byte in-system programmable EEPROM, internal temperature sensor, 10-bit ADC and a byte-oriented I2C interface for 400kHz I2C communication.

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