Portfolio of electromechanical devices ideal for designers and maintainers of process control systems

Arrow Electronics has assembled a comprehensive portfolio of electromechanical components designed to meet the needs of designers and maintainers of process-control equipment. The range includes the latest relays and circuit breaker technologies from industry-leading manufacturers Omron and Tyco.

Among the technologies that Arrow now has in stock is the Tyco PT series of miniature change-over relays that provide switching performance of up to 3000VA in a form factor that is just 29mm high. Available with AC or DC coils, devices in this range comprise the PT2, PT3 and PT5 with two, three and four poles respectively. Respective AC breaking capacities and current ratings are 3000VA, 2500VA and 1500VA and 12A, 10A and 6A.

Also available from Arrow, the new Omron G6RL combines an industry standard footprint with a low profile of just 12.3mm. Capable of switching 10A at 250VAC and 5A @24DC, the relay is offered in both SPDT and SPST-NO contact configurations. Maximum switching capacity is rated at 2500VA(NO).

To further enhance support for process control equipment, Arrow stocks the full range of P&B circuit breakers from Tyco Electronics. Designed to meet the UL criteria for secondary breakers, the P&B range includes thermal and magnetic types offering one to four poles and current ratings up to 50A.

Among the latest Tyco thermal circuit breakers are the W54 and W57 push-to-reset models. These breakers cannot be manually tripped and feature an extended push button for visual trip indication. Specifications include a 1000A interrupt capacity in accordance with UL 1077, resettable overload capacity of ten times rated current, and a reset time of 60 seconds.

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