Arrow ElectronicsArrow has announced the availability of the BeMicro SDK Jumpstart Designer, a cloud-based design platform for rapid online prototyping with the BeMicro SDK evaluation system. BeMicro SDK is a popular USB stick format software development kit that enables users to evaluate embedded solutions with Altera’s NIOS II configurable 32bit processor.

Powered by Transim, the Arrow BeMicro SDK Jumpstart Designer enables users new to field-programmable gate array prototyping to evaluate a BeMicro SDK embedded solution within minutes, with ready-to-use demos and preconfigured labs. Expert users have the flexibility to create complex custom designs and interactive dashboards to evaluate their designs. The cloud-based platform eliminates the need to download large design software files or program in a complex development environment, rapidly decreasing the ramp-up time for a first embedded design.

The information-rich online platform is packed with training videos, checklists and detailed instructions that simplify rapid prototyping. BeMicro SDK Jumpstart Designer also simplifies evaluation of FPGAs with data converters, mixed signal, or radio frequency systems when used with evaluation boards designed by analog devices and the BeMicro SDK/SDP (System Demonstration Platform) Interposer.

Users can employ simplified system-level programming in C and create customized dashboards to control and monitor input and output parameters visually. Widgets available include switches, status light-emitting diodes, temperature dials, alarms and graphs.

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