Newly available from Rapid Electronics is the Arduino microcontroller system – the open source prototyping platform which created a revolution in electronics design when it was launched in 2005. Because Arduino software is freely available under an open source license, the Arduino system gives designers, engineers, students and hobbyists the chance to build, program and test their electronic projects and inventions.

From beginners activating an LED in response to an environmental trigger to experienced programmers creating complex sound and light installations, the Arduino system caters for all levels of ability and applications. Even the most inexperienced programmer and circuit builder can exploit Arduino’s unique combination of usability, open source software, online resources and community support.

Rapid can supply an extensive range of Arduino products, accessories and components – including the Arduino Uno, Nano and Mega boards, Arduino Ethernet shields, Motor shields, servo modules and enclosures. Individual microcontrollers such as the ATmega328 will be added to the range soon.

Richard Philpot, product manager of Integrated Circuits at Rapid, said: ‘Rapid has long wanted to become an Arduino distributor, because it is just the kind of product that would be popular with a wide cross-section of our customers. The Arduino system is an excellent tool for any budding designer, ICT teacher, student or hobbyist. We are delighted to be supplying the Uno, Nano and Mega boards and look forward to building the range.’

Datasheets, schematics and reference designs are accessible from the Rapid website.

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