APC Technology Group has launched APC Smartwave with a mission to reduce the time needed to research and build effective IoT solutions.
The company says many engineers seeking to design, integrate and apply new IoT solutions are often restricted or challenged by the requirement to source essential components from a variety of suppliers, risking lengthy testing periods to ensure compatibility.
APC Smartwave will provide a comprehensive range of IoT and Cleantech products from a single source. It is not restricted to a single product range or brand.
The company will test and introduce new-to-market products from established and emerging components suppliers worldwide to ensure IoT systems designers and integrators have the widest choice of compatible components available.
APC Smartwave will also work closely with OEMs and system designers and integrators to develop smart engineering solutions that are tailored to a customer’s needs and goals.
The product range is split into seven core categories, each encompassing a range of tested and approved supplier brands.
Temperature, humidity, environmental, positioning sensors will be supplied by IST- AG, All Sensors, ESS, Gas Sensing, TT electronics-Optek and MSR Electronics.
Advantech, Libelium, ISL and RF Adeunis will supply computing solutions encompassing embedded computers, gateways, radio transmitters.
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sigfox, LoRaWAn, Wireless-M-Bus and Cellular include products from RF Adeunis, Locosys, Zentri, Wiznet, Neoway and Telecom Design.
ProLight Opto has been signed for COBs and emitters. Energy harvesting and storage will be covered by Ultracapacitors from Ioxus, and harvesting products by Farsens. Cloud platform applications and integration will also be available.
APC Smartwave, Martin Kingston, General Manager, commented: “Advanced Power Components is an established supplier of innovative electronic components with more than three decades’ experience of sourcing, supplying and working with large blue chip organisations to design in dynamic electronic solutions.
“More than that, the Group has developed a broad product supply-base and an unsurpassed technical expertise in component integration.
“We’re bringing all of this expertise to the fast evolving IoT sector, which makes us an ideal partner for those organisations developing and instigating innovative IoT-based programmes,” he said.
“Unlike many other IoT product providers, we’re not restricted to a single solution. Instead our focus is on providing engineering support to identify and build in the best component solution.
“Our engineers have a full understanding of how IoT systems work, what they can achieve today and what is possible tomorrow. The service they provide is based on design and system development, not purely product supply,” he said.


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