Anglia has expanded its range of specialist connectors with the addition of Neutrik, a leader in interconnect for audio and video recording studios and concert sound systems, as well as industrial applications including higher current designs.

David Pearson, Technical Director at Anglia, commented, “We aim to cover the whole bill of materials in every design, and the addition of Neutrik’s highly regarded and relatively specialist interconnect allows us to offer a complete solution for even more projects. Neutrik is known and loved by our many audio and video customers, but will also prove a welcome extension for general and industrial customers who may not be aware of the capabilities that they offer. Of particular interest is the innovative range of powerCON connectors designed for handling high currents in demanding environments.”

Andy Croucher, Head of Sales & Marketing at Neutrik UK added, “As the leading UK independent authorised distributor of electronic components into the industrial, display, lighting and event sectors, we are appointing Anglia with a view to strengthening and extending distribution of our extensive range of professional interconnectivity products into market sectors beyond our established broadcast, film and television and professional audio video markets, where the Neutrik brand has long been recognised as the industry leader.”

He continued, “Anglia is renowned for the exceptional levels of customer service and technical support it provides. As such, it is a natural partner for Neutrik in promoting our product range into these markets.”

Neutrik is a leading manufacturer of professional connectors and connector systems for the entertainment industry and other complex special applications. Their solutions cover audio, video, lighting and broadcast applications, as well as general industrial use.

Included in the Neutrik line up are their XLR-type circular connectors, speakON connectors, BNC connectors and special connectors for industrial applications.

Highlights include etherCON ruggedized and lockable RJ45 connector system, optimized for pro audio, video and lighting network applications.

The powerCON series of lockable, robust and reliable 3 pole equipment (AC) connectors will be popular not only in entertainment but also in general industrial applications.


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