Anglia has been named European Regional Distributor of the Year 2021 by UK-based interconnect solutions provider Harwin.

Harwin made the award after the distributor increased its sales significantly during the pandemic, outperforming the market.

Steve Miller, Regional Distribution Manager at Harwin, commented “Growing sales significantly is impressive in any year, but doubly so while the country was in the throes of a pandemic and spending part of the year in lockdown. This performance is a real testament not only to the quality of service and technical support offered by Anglia, but also to its willingness to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances. Working together, Harwin and Anglia have managed to maintain supplies to the market, supporting sales growth, despite the well documented supply chain challenges the industry has faced and is continuing to face.”

He added, “A mark of Anglia’s forward thinking approach is that they have expanded their Harwin stocked range with 700 new lines over the last year, supporting each with an investment in inventory.”

John Bowman, Sales and Marketing Director of Anglia, responded, “Our relationship with Harwin is strong at every level of both organisations – and our ability to grow sales in a difficult market environment is testament to that. In partnership, we have overcome many challenges and maintained supplies to customers as far as possible. Just as importantly we have kept customers informed where difficulties arose. Harwin’s ability to manage its inward supply chain by holding extensive stocks of raw material, and our willingness to hold inventory without necessarily a clear forward order book, have been critical to our joint success this year.”

European Champs: l to r; Alisha Norgate, Product Marketing Manager (Anglia), Steve Miller, Regional Distribution Sales Manager – EMEA (Harwin), David Pearson, Technical Director (Anglia), Debbie Marriott, Supply Chain Manager (Anglia).






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