Using feedback from users, Anglia has made a significant upgrade to its Anglia Live website. The company claims it is now one of the fastest, most flexible e-commerce sites in the electronics industry.

The new site offers a host of new and enhanced features including a completely configurable parametric search, allowing customers to compare devices and guiding them towards the best solution for their design.

Users can generate thousands of results in less than a second based on the keyword, part number or industry standard number entered.

David Pearson, Technical Director at Anglia, commented “The improved user experience on Anglia Live has been carefully developed over 18 months based on feedback from users. The website now offers users a more intuitive and enjoyable browsing experience – allowing customers to search the way that suits them.”

The search facility on Anglia Live is geared towards both engineers and buyers alike and encourages customisation.

Users can apply multiple filters to a single search and the parameters automatically turn grey when narrowed down to only one option.

The parametric search also has an innovative undo feature that allows users to undo the changes they made one at a time instead of having to reset the whole search and start again if they have chosen an incorrect option.

Thanks to a spreadsheet-style overview of components with a floating table header, customers can easily compare specifications of components without opening each individual page, saving valuable time.

The site layout adjusts neatly to the individual user’s screen size and retains its functionality even on portable devices.

In addition to the speed and enhanced search, the new Anglia Live offers a host of other improvements.

Customers can now sign up to email notifications to alert them when a component is coming into stock or when inventory on selected parts becomes low.

Ezysample, Anglia’s free ‘no questions asked’ sample service, is now fully integrated into the site, as is Anglia Sigma, which details a customer’s delivery performance, breakdown of enquiries and billing data to provide an overview of their experience with Anglia.

In addition, customers can save regularly purchased products as custom Order Pads to save time. Market tabs bring together products and more detailed information for specific applications, further simplifying browsing and providing access to useful additional resources.

Product certifications and other regulatory information such as RoHS status are listed along with product descriptions for easy reference.


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