Anglia has upgraded its Anglia Live sales website in a clear statement of intent to take on the major high service distributors in in Anglia’s chosen UK and Ireland battleground.
The Wisbech-based distributor has invested more than £750,000 in the upgrade, and its IT team has spent 15 months rewriting logistics software to supply the new services.
Uppermost in Anglia’s mind has been to improve search facilities and supply customers with enhanced ordering flexibility.
Steve Rawlins, pictured, Chief Executive Officer of Anglia describes the parametric search facility as “mega quick – we have halved the search time and customer can search across all active part numbers from our suppliers.”
“And the stock is live, place an order and you will see the stock level fall before your eyes,” he adds.
The search will show all active part numbers from Anglia suppliers including those not in stock and will cross reference over 2 million industry standard part numbers. Users will also be able to access manufacturers’ data sheets for all devices as well as any product change or termination notifications (PCN / PTN).
The upgrade also encompasses comprehensive forward and back ordering facilities. It means customers can now place an order up to a year in advance and specify a delivery date to the day, a new feature on the website.
Customers can also place back orders for a specific date if there are not enough standard parts in the inventory to fulfil their requirements, and choose to accept a partial fulfilment of their order where the full quantity ordered is not available.
Anglia customers with an agreed volume contract price will be able to order online through a password-protected page.
The comprehensive parametric search engine in Anglia Live has been enhanced with the addition of a fast search facility, which reduces the search time by half. Anglia Live lists all active supplier part numbers, including lines not held in stock, and cross-references over 2 million industry standard part numbers. This data can be searched with a powerful parametric search engine populated with data verified and entered by Anglia to ensure complete consistency of presentation. Both the standard and fast search features are predictive based on Anglia designation, industry standard part number or description. , Manufacturers’ data sheets are supplied for all parts listed. For non-stocked lines, the listing includes typical supplier lead times and minimum order quantities. All listings include full visibility of Anglia current and projected stock levels and any product change or termination notifications (PCN / PTN) issued by the supplier. Historic PCN and PTN information is also available.
Anglia Live 2.0 also supports back and forward ordering, and allows customers to place orders on-line at their negotiated contract price. Customers can place forward orders up to one year in advance, and specify an exact delivery date. Customers can also place back orders on standard parts when current stock levels aren’t sufficient to meet their requirements. For back orders, customers can also specify a delivery date allowing for the supplier lead time, and can opt to receive partial quantities where the full requested quantity is not available.
While Rawlins concedes Anglia cannot hold the wide ranging inventories of the high service distributors, he insists that his company’s stock profile covers all customer compoonent requirements.
To plug one gap Anglia recently signed two test and measurement suppliers.
“Test and measurement is an important segment foe design engineers so we have signed agreements with Teledyne LeCroy and Pico Technology,” asserted David Pearson, Anglia’s Technical Director.
And as Rawlins is keen to emphasise Anglia offers free UK and Eire delivery on orders placed online, by email, fax or phone for all orders over £30 (for orders below £30 a handling charge of £4.95 will apply). Anglia Live is available to customers in the UK and Eire.


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