RoHS 3 compliance information has been added to the extensive documentation offered on Anglia Live. Anglia is also working closely with suppliers to ensure that its inventory will be compliant by the time the RoHS 3 directive comes in to force on July 22 2019.

RoHS 3 was announced in 2016 and expands the list of prohibited substances from six to ten by adding four new types of phthalates. Manufacturers have until the 22nd July 2019 to meet these provisions.

Although it is an EU directive, it has been widely adopted in many other regions across the globe and will still apply to the UK industry even after Brexit.

Claire Stevenson (pictured), Quality Manager of Anglia, said, “We are supporting customers to help them with implementation of the revised directive. Over 40 suppliers have advised us that they are already compliant. Many of the remainder have provided compliance road maps showing that they will be able to fully comply by the 22 July deadline. We already provide confirmation of RoHS 2 compliance on Anglia Live and have now added supplementary information advising on the RoHS 3 compliance status for each supplier. We are adding to this regularly as information becomes available.”

She continued, “Customers can continue to use RoHS 2 compliant products up until 22nd July 2019, after this date they will need to ensure products are RoHS 3 compliant. We are already providing certificates of RoHS compliance on Anglia Live which customers can download allowing them to complete their own documentation.”

Many products Anglia holds in its UK based distribution centre are already compliant with the requirements of RoHS 3, they have also taken steps to streamline purchasing to ensure that all inventory is RoHS 3 compliant by the time of the July 2019 deadline.


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