A PCB Hardware Book published in paper and electronic form by Anglia lists over 2000 PCB supports & spacers, screws, nuts & washers, fasteners & feet, cable management accessories, insulators and other hardware items.

The publication follows Anglia’s recent appointment as UK and Ireland distributor for Kang Yang Enterprises, a leading manufacturer specialising in plastic hardware and PCB accessories.

David Pearson, Technical Director of Anglia, said, “PCB hardware is not the most glamorous of component categories and it rarely gets exposure in the electronics media but few if any electronic designs can be prototyped or put into production without several of the items presented in this book. These components are often critical in keeping the PCB both electrically insulated and securely positioned within a variety of different electronic assemblies. Our intention in publishing this book is to provide a useful reference source which can be kept on the bench allowing a quick and easy cross-link to Anglia Live where comprehensive inventory is in position to support designs from prototype through to mass production.”

In addition to the extensive range of products available from Kang Yang Enterprises, the book also includes selected PCB hardware accessories from Anglia’s other established partners.

The most popular PCB hardware products are held in stock for same day shipment from Anglia’s UK warehouse.

The book includes useful website reference codes which when inputted into the search bar on www.anglia-live.com allow customers to quickly access information on the full range of products available including live pricing, inventory and datasheet information.


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