Anglia launches Green Pages Web portal to aid ecologically friendly electronics design

Anglia Green Pages Web PortalAnglia has announced the launch of a new Web portal to provide access to a library of resources to encourage energy efficiency for the electronics industry. Anglia Green Pages ( offers practical solutions to eco-design based around Anglia’s extensive portfolio of ‘green’ electronic components. Specific product categories addressed comprise Power Management, Energy Efficiency and Solid State Lighting. A number of energy-saving reference designs are also available for download.

Environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important in relation to the design, manufacture and recycling of electronic products. Recent European Environmental Directives are increasing the legal responsibilities of designers and manufacturers of electrical products to be as energy-efficient as possible, and these regulations are set to become significantly more stringent over the next few years. Additionally it makes commercial sense for companies to be aware of their impact on the environment, and to adjust their purchasing decisions based on green criteria. Anglia Green Pages has been set up in response to this changing set of priorities, with the aim of helping electronic designers to adapt to the new requirements being placed on them.

The portal offers a number of links to useful resources to help the designer comply with new legislation on energy efficiency, and also offers a practical solution to eco-design by profiling ‘green’ electronic components and the latest technologies and techniques that will help to minimise the environmental impact of electronic designs.

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