An agreement to become UK and Ireland distributor for Noritake Itron has added a highly integrated SmartTFT module to the Anglia Embedded product offering.
Anglia will work with customers to identify where opportunities for the modules, System On Module products and PCAP touch panels can be customised to address a project requirement. Anglia and Noritake will then work in partnership with the customer to create a solution, which may also include a KOE display.
David Potts, Divisional Marketing Manager at Anglia, explains that, “Noritake Itron’s SmartTFT module can get designers with no TFT experience up and running with a TFT based design in a few weeks – normally this takes months. Our agreement with Noritake also expands our embedded processor board and touch panel offerings.”
Andrew Stubbings, Managing Director of Noritake Itron, added, “We have a global sales network with 17 distributors in Europe as well as US representatives. Anglia is our first UK distributor for our unique pumaNova System On Module. We know them well as they are a highly valued supplier, and we have a very open relationship with them. Most projects will involve a degree of customisation, so their ability to provide FAE support is a big advantage to us. We are particularly excited about the fit between Noritake and established Anglia lines like KOE.”
Under the agreement, Anglia’s main focus will be on the pumaNova SOM and PCAP touch technology. The compact pumaNova 70x44mm system modules can be connected directly to a chosen display, and include backlight power management, the display connector and touch interface support. It also includes 15 serial interfaces on the board, and supports USB, Ethernet, Audio and Video using Linux and later with WinCE6 and iDevOS, Itron’s proprietary operating system.
Anglia also sees great potential in the Noritake PCAP technology, which allows the touch panel to be operated from behind 4mm thick plastic or 8mm thick glass with bare or gloved hands including where water is present. Using this technology, customers can develop a ruggedized solution for use in public spaces or harsh industrial environments.


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