Anglia has enhanced its range of magnetic and piezo buzzer products following the signing of a distribution agreement with Changzhou, China-based Cre-sound.

Commenting, David Pearson, Technical Director of Anglia, explained that the move was in response to growing demand for smaller SMD sounders, driven especially by IoT applications. He explains, “Sound components are widely used where a product needs to give the user or operator an audible status sound such as on control panels. Buzzers are a quick, simple and economical way of providing a warning or confirming an operation. Cre-sound is an established, quality manufacturer, which exports over 95% of its production all over the world.”

Rose Song, General Manager at Cre-sound added, “Cre-sound is proud to partner with Anglia, a top distributor with a reputation for great service and strong technical support. We are an international business focussed on expanding our global sales, and we believe that Anglia will take us to new customers in the UK and Ireland.


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