Anglia Components has become a PLC. It has changed its registered company trading name from Anglia Components Ltd to Anglia Components PLC.

The change to PLC status means that the company will be subject to more stringent and complex auditing and financial requirements, which will increase the confidence of global key customers and global suppliers.

Commenting on the change, Anglia CEO Steve Rawlins (pictured) said, “I am delighted to announce this change during our 50th anniversary year. We have grown extremely rapidly and faster than the market. The change in status reflects the current scale of the business and the level of companies it now trades with. The more rigorous scrutiny to which a PLC is subjected allows us to demonstrate our growth, quality and capabilities and reflects positively to potential customers and suppliers.”

The move only affects Anglia’s legal name. The company registration number, bank accounts all remain the same and the business will continue to trade as ‘Anglia’.

Anglia Components PLC is a closed PLC whose shares are not traded on the stock exchange.


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