New from Alpha Micro is the PremierWave XC a high performance, multi-port secure device server developed by Lantronix that offers Ethernet or GSM/GPRS connectivity for remote access and easy management of machines and equipment over a network and across the Internet.

“Ideal for applications in a variety of vertical markets including telemetry, utilities, industrial automation, healthcare and energy, PremierWave XC’s combination of ease of use, robust device server functionality and GPRS connectivity should prove to be a great value/performance combination for our customers,” said Maxine Hewitt, Marketing Director, Alpha Micro Components. “By utilizing the GSM/GPRS network, this new product provides a solution for applications in areas that do not have an Ethernet or Wi-Fi infrastructure or for installations that have Ethernet connectivity and rely on GSM/GPRS for failover backup ensuring redundancy.”

PremierWave XC provides bullet-proof security by offering a variety of robust data encryption and authentication options. Featuring the industry-proven Lantronix device server application suite with AES, SSH and SSL, it provides enterprise-level security allowing safe and secure remote access and management from practically anywhere.

Product highlights include:
-Dual network connectivity for flexibility and redundancy;
-Dual serial port with up to 920kb/s speed;
-Unique design for quick and easy connectivity to virtually any device with a serial port, using TCP or UDP protocol with robust SSH or SSL enterprise-level security;
-Extended operating temperature range for industrial applications;
-Simple device configuration and monitoring with powerful, industry-standard management tools (Web, CLI, XML); and
-Optional programming environment for custom applications.

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