Advantech’s EKI-2000 and EKI-7000 series offers engineers in transportation, energy management and plant automation the market’s most robust, feature-rich and cost-effective industrial communications solution

AlphaMicroEKI-2728Alpha Micro Components today announced that it has added the EKI-2000 and EKI-7000 series of industrial Ethernet switches from Advantech Co., Ltd. to its range of industrial communications (iCom) solutions. Advantech’s portfolio of industrial communication products for PC-based automation are ideal for engineers working in the transportation, energy management and plant automation sectors and offers the market’s most feature-rich, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Ideal for easily managing applications from a central office or local site, the Advantech EKI-7000 series is a portfolio of managed redundant industrial Ethernet switches which allows users to expand their industrial network quickly and cost-effectively. Its rugged industrial-grade design assures reliability and stability. In addition, Advantech has utilised its X-Ring technology within the EKI series which ensures the fastest recovery time (<10 ms), further increasing the reliability and speed of network infrastructures. Furthermore, the X-Ring technology provides the fastest redundant ring recovery time (<10ms) to secure data communication and reliability.

The EKI-2000 series is a series of cost-effective managed industrial Ethernet switches designed to support fast Ethernet. They also come equipped with Advantech’s X-Ring technology which enhances their reliability within industrial communication networks. This provides users with an easy solution for establishing a redundant Ethernet network with the ultra high-speed recovery time of less than 10ms. Furthermore, they have been designed to support advanced network standards which allow users to optimise network performance and security while reducing maintenance costs.

Christos Papakyriacou, Managing Director of Alpha Micro Components, commented: “The addition of Advantech’s EKI series greatly enhances our product offerings for engineers working in the transportation, energy management and industrial automation industries. Advantech has established itself as a global leader in industrial communications solutions for PC-based automation by consistently engineering products that combine a wide range of features and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, their solutions provide engineers with confidence and peace of mind knowing they have been designed with the reliability, stability and robustness demanded in the harshest industrial environments.”

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