New from Alpha Micro Components is the u-blox LEA-6N all-in-one satellite positioning receiver module. Low-power and cost-effective, the module delivers fast, high-accuracy positioning and is targeted at industrial telematics applications in Russia such as vehicle tracking, mobile resource management and the ERA-GLONASS emergency call system.

The module works with GPS, Russian GLONASS, and Japanese QZSS satellite positioning systems. It also supports all civilian Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS).

“The LEA-6N delivers clear new benefits for our industrial customers in terms of global support of all available satellite positioning systems, easy to mount LCC form factor, low power consumption and cost effectiveness”, said Maxine Hewitt, Marketing Director, Alpha Micro Components. “The LEA-6N also supports the CellLocateTM hybrid indoor positioning system from u-blox. When used together with our wireless modules, the location of valuable assets or people can be determined anywhere, indoors and outside.”

Samples of LEA-6N are available now, with evaluation kit EVK-6N and mass production in June 2012.

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