Alpha Electronics introduces new 100 page T&M Catalogue

Alpha Electronics, nationwide distributor of handheld and portable electrical and electronic test equipment, has introduced a new, full colour, 100 page catalogue. Available FREE by calling or emailing any of Alpha Electronics three offices, the catalogue includes all its latest ranges of handheld and portable test equipment from all the main manufacturers, as well as information about the company’s repair, calibration and equipment hire services. Alpha Electronics offers a comprehensive test equipment service, providing full technical back-up and independent advice that is expected by today’s customers. With the complexity of some of the latest instruments, customers can be reassured that Alpha Electronics personnel fully understand the products as well as the latest Safety Legislation, EC Directives and recommendations from other institutions.
The full colour ‘Alpha Electronics – Test Instrument Centre Catalogue’ divides products into 39 accessible categories, covering every electrical test equipment requirement from high voltage to low current in industrial, commercial and domestic applications, as well as other test instruments such as thermal imagers, gas analysers, process calibrators, and sound and air meters. The separate sections provide photos and specifications of each product offered by all the major manufacturers: where relevant, the features of all products in that section are tabulated for direct comparison to help the customer home in on the right product for his application.

Alpha Electronics runs a comprehensive hire service for many of its products, offers test equipment training courses, runs a ‘collect-and-return’ repair service and offers three levels of calibration certification up to full UKAS Accreditation. A computer driven calibration system generates the calibration certificate and an inventory recall system generates letters to customers when instruments are due for the next calibration.

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