The TGF4000 series function/arbitrary generator from Aim-TTi has been added to Farnell element14’s linecard for same day despatch.

The TGF 4000 series delivers high precision, wide bandwidth models and at the higher end of the series, the TGF4162 and TGF4242 offer extended frequency and level that may not have been affordable to customers previously.

The instrument offers key advantages over other models in this price range as a true dual channel generator. The series has two full capability channels which can be operated completely independently as if they were two separate generators, or in coupled or tracking modes with precise channel to channel phase control at a resolution of 0.0010.

Models are available at up to 240MHz with low harmonic distortion and phase noise.

In addition to a wide selection of modulation types from either internal or external signal sources, the TGF has a built-in wideband noise generator that is useful for customers evaluating design performance degradation with defined levels of signal noise.

Audio band THD is significantly better than similar generators at just 0.05% and Pulse jitter is dramatically lower than any comparable generator at only 30ps.

Key features include 0.001mHz to 240MHz (TGF4242), 160MHz (TGF4162) , 80MHz (TGF4082) or 40MHz (TGF4042) sine frequency range and high sine wave purity with low phase noise and jitter, audio band THD down to 0.05%.

Also included are:

  • Arbitrary waveforms of 14-bits / 400MSa/s (TGF4042 & TGF4082) or 16-bits / 800MSa/s (TGF4162 & TGF4242)
  • Comprehensive internal/external digital and analog modulation set including Sum* modulation
  • Harmonics generation using up to 16 harmonics*
  • Two identical channels – independent or linked with coupled and tracking modes
  • 1mHz to up to 100MHz Pulse generation with 100ps width resolution, <30ps jitter and independently variable rise/fall times.
  • PRBS pseudo-random bit sequence generation with 8 sequence lengths*
  • 125MHz frequency counter/timer with five measurement modes
  • Wideband noise generator with up to 100MHz noise bandwidth

In addition to these features, the TGF4000 series is equipped with a 4.3in.high resolution colour screen, providing added efficiency and clarity when carrying out complex testing. Graphs for both channels can be displayed side by side for easy comparison or alongside a detailed description of the settings selected, with each channel displayed in a set colour to provide instant recognition of the output channel when altering and updating settings or preferences.


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