Aerco now assembles the Mk35 range of marine connectors from TTAB Connectors and is able to offer five-day delivery with no MOQs on these high performance connectors designed for use in salt spray environments.
The Mk35 is derived from, and is inter-mateable and interchangeable with, Mil-C-D38999 series III but all major metal components, including shells and coupling nuts, are made from corrosion-resistant, nickel aluminium bronze thus making them ideal for use in the most severe environments. With appropriate backshells the connectors are waterproof to a depth of 4M.
Conforming to CECC75201-002 specification, Mk35 connectors also have a self-locking anti-vibration mechanism for secure mating in high vibration environments while a 100% scoop-proof design prevents contact damage.
The connectors have a triple start coarse thread for quick and easy mating and grounding fingers for excellent shell-to-shell continuity while a wide range of contact arrangements provides a high level of design flexibility. Options include signal and power contacts ranging from size 4 to 22D plus quadrax, triax and coax.


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