High-flex cables from Aerco

ae-353-xtra-guard-cable-from-aerco-low-resXTRA-GUARD® cables from Alpha Wire, now available in the UK from Aerco, are designed for applications that involve constant flexing and require high system reliability in extreme conditions. There is a major difference between cables that are flexible and cables with high flexing capability, the latter being able to withstand the degree of flexing that cables are subjected to in applications such as robotics, assembly lines, cable track, automation and material handling equipment.

Alpha Wire XTRA-GUARD offers unmatched flexibility and durability being twice as flexible as ordinary PVC cable while being highly resistant to chemicals and other corrosive materials.

Alpha Wire has developed and built its own testing machine that ensures cables meet the rigours of harsh flexing environments. The company also provides a fully interactive online ‘SeleXion Guide’.

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