Adept Scientific has signed an agreement with US-based OriginLab to supply and support its graphing and data analysis software, Origin and OriginPro, to commercial customers in the UK and Irish Republic. This significantly enhances Adept’s product offering to its core client base of engineering and scientific professionals.
Origin is a renowned software application for data analysis and publication-quality graphing, tailored to the needs of scientists and engineers. Used by over 150,000 scientists and engineers worldwide, the software offers an easy-to-use interface for beginners, and the ability for advanced users to customise analysis and graphing tasks using themes, templates, custom reports, batch processing and programming.
“Our customers typically need to generate powerful, information-packed graphs to visualise large and complex technical datasets” says Lilly Northrop, joint Product Manager for Origin at Adept Scientific. “Spreadsheets may be sufficient for simple data management and analysis, and there are plenty of statistics-based and specialist data analysis packages. But we don’t know of any other software that can rival Origin’s breadth of advanced analysis routines (including statistical). Its flexible and easy-to-use interface makes it simple for engineers and scientists to create publication-quality graphs from even the largest datasets, giving them detailed analytical insight into every aspect of their data.”
Her colleague Dave Woodward adds, “Especially useful are Origin’s extensive graph customisation options, as well as its powerful recalculation and batch processing and plotting features. They’re just the sort of tools that professional engineers and scientists – and even business analysts – need from a data analysis application.
“A wide range of import formats, including numerous options for Excel, means users can easily access the data they need to plot and analyse. Origin also offers connectivity with many other popular applications, such as LabVIEW.”
Origin provides over 100 built-in graph types: contour, 2D and 3D as well as specialised graphs such as windrose, stock (OHLC), ternary and ternary-contour, 2D and 3D vector and statistical plots.
Powerful data analysis tools include peak analysis, curve fitting, statistics and signal processing. Multi-sheet workbooks and an integrated Project Explorer help users to organise their Origin projects and save workbooks as analysis templates for re-use.
Origin includes both C-based compiled and scripting programming languages so that users can easily automate their routines; and an integrated code generation and debugging tool.
OriginPro is, as its name suggests, an enhanced version of Origin that adds further tools for peak fitting, surface fitting, signal and image processing and statistics.
The latest version 9.1 of Origin and OriginPro uses OpenGL graphics to significantly enhance plotting and editing of 3D graphs created from large datasets. This means, for example, that users can rotate, pan and zoom within 3D graphs to examine details closely and efficiently.
Another key new feature is the ability to reduce data in worksheets by applying filters to one or more columns. This enables users to quickly reduce large datasets and have all associated graphs and analysis results automatically update when filter conditions are modified.
Other new features include Batch Plotting to create duplicate graphs from other worksheets and columns; Batch Analysis on multiple data plots using interactive gadgets; the ability to generate video from graphs; and the ability to place graphs as floating objects on worksheets for easy report creation.


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